Green frog:
native to the eastern half of the USA !

About Us

Sahara Falls provides a safe habitat for over than 900 birds species, 5800 mammals species, 370 reptile and amphibian species and over than 1,500 fish species. We also provide rest to millions of migrating birds each year during their thousand mile flight between their summer and winter homes. In order to help our wildlife and natural systems survive multifaceted and far-ranging threats such as drought, climate change and large-scale habitat fragmentation, we also work with local partners to conserve our landscapes to encourage the support of self-sustaining populations of fish and wildlife.

The Northern Green Frog is native to the northeastern North America. Its mating call sounds like the single note of a plucked banjo.

Many of our animal species are considered to be threatened and declining. I would like to make a difference for animals and for our planet, every day. It is my hope that this sanctuary will be a start. Bently Monreau, Founding Father

Sahara Falls History

In 1975 animal rights activist Bently Monreau purchased a vast piece of land which was adjacent to his family owned property. His plan was to turn this huge landscape into an animal sanctuary, a cause he was passionate about and had dedicated his whole life to. With property in hand he sought support from a few of the world’s leading conservationists and wildlife enthusiast, such as Martin Cadeau, Isabella Canone and Nikkola Brushu.

Together they raised funds to prepare and protect the property, making it secure and habitable for the animals. His idea was welcomed and many offers poured in. Researchers, funders, animal rights activist, biologists, conservationists, enthusiasts, volunteers and many more came forward to provide assistance in their relevant areas. This was the first sanctuary in the area and for mile to come, so everyone wanted to see it come to pass successfully.